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Red Haven Cottage
Storhammarsvägen 9
59098 Ukna / Edsbruk
Småland, Schweden


What you should know...

Many times, we have heard fom our guests the ff. questions concerning their trip to Sweden, so at this point, we share with you the answers to these questions and hope they may help you, in one way or another.

Question: How fast can I drive on the highway?
Answer: The speed limit is 110 km per hour. The Swedish highway police imposes hefty fines on anyone violating the speed limit.

Q: Can I pay in Euros?
A: No, you cannot. Although they belong to the EU, the Swedes have kept their own currency. Approximately, 10 SEK (Swedish Crowns) are 1 Euro. Your bank can inform you about the exact exchange rate.

Q: What about mosquitoes and ticks?
A: Both are indigenous insects. The more it rains in spring, the more mosquitoes and ticks there are in summer. The best thing to do is to get something from the pharmacy against them. We can supply mosquito nets for the beds.

Q: I do not speak Swedish or German, will people understand me?
A: Nearly everybody over here speaks English

Q: What happens if I get sick?
A: There is a hospital in Västervik, the nearest bigger town. You should have your insurance card with you as well as an extra health insurance policy for travelling abroad.

Q: Can I pay by credit card in Sweden?
A: With credit cards like Amex, Visa, Mastercard etc. and your PIN code, you can pay in all shops and stores (also in the grocery store in Ukna). Without a PIN code, you should have your identity card with you. There are also ATM’s in the larger towns.