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Everywhere the same old story. The layout is finished, the text is slow in coming. This layout will no naked is in space and is small and empty occurs, I jump a: the dummy text. Created exactly for this purpose, always in the shadow of my big brother "Lorem Ipsum" I am delighted every time you read a few lines.


Denn that is perceived:

His is to be perceived. And because you now have the goodness to accompany me a few more sentences long, I would like to take this opportunity to serve not only as a stopgap, but to draw attention to something that is to be perceived as deserved: Web standards namely. You see, web standards are the rules, based on the web pages.


So there are rules for HTML, CSS, JavaScript or XML; Words that you might have heard of your developers. These standards ensure that all participants get the most out of a website. Unlike previous sites we no longer need to program two different sites for Internet Explorer and another browser for example. It reaches a page that - properly applied - both on different browsers on the network works


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