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Explore the Swedish archipelago by boat. Small islands and jetties offer the opportunity to dockin. On some islands, there are even restaurants and small cafes to take a good break. There are 2 ways to book a boat tour: 

1. Göran offers tours with his fishing boat (e.g. also Ragö & Hasselö). He is one of the last 9 professional fishermen in Städsholmen, is an archipelago expert and can impart a great deal of knowledge about history. If you book in advance, you can always board in the area around Loftahammar, which is about 30 minutes by car from Red Haven. For information and Göran´s contact information please ask at the hotel.

2. Take the post boat from Västervik eg via Hasselö to Ragö. You can swim and eat on both islands. On Hasselö you can also rent bicycles (further information in our activities). Västervik is approximately a 45-minute drive from the hotel.  Enjoy a meal in the Västervik Archipelago | Visit Småland (

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