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Q: Can animals be brought?
A: Pets are usually welcome, but please contact us.

Q: Are there many mosquitoes and ticks?
A: The tick is a native insect. The number of mosquitoes varies from year to year. The summers of recent years have been extremely moderate. It is best to get supplies from the pharmacy. On request, we can provide mosquito nets for the beds.

Q: What happens in case of illness?
A: Sweden has an excellent healthcare system and there is a good hospital in nearby Västervik. EU citizens do not need additional insurance, they are insured through their respective health insurance company. The insurance card should be taken with you on holiday.

Q: What are the speed limits in Sweden?
A: The maximum speed on the motorways is 110 km/h, on federal and state roads the signposted limits apply. These limitations should definitely be followed: Fines are very expensive!

Q: Can you pay in euros in Sweden?
A: You cannot pay in euros in Sweden. Although it belongs to the EU, it has retained the national currency, similar to Denmark and England. Ten Swedish kroner (SEK or SK) is about 1 euro. The current rates can be obtained from the Internet or from any bank.

Q: I don't speak Swedish. Will I still be understood?
A: Almost all Swedes speak English.

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